Moving into a new house is a stressful business, so much to organise and in my case the house needs work to, so the last thing I need is mice running around chewing my boxes or the belongings contained within. However the new house is right in the country, next to a river and fields and its old with holes everywhere…another words mouse heaven.

I first noticed we had a slight mouse problem when one of the carrots from my veg rack had been dragged out and knawed. I then heard scrabbling and chewing in the walls and the fireplace!…

Scary Dog Toy

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Angry Duck Dog Toy

Angry Duck

I was just browsing through the Pets At Home dog toys as my pup has demolished her other ones so in dire need of some new toys to destroy. Anyway I came across the Doggy Doolittle Duck by Good Boy and had to laugh but also recoiled in slight fear! Haha the damn thing looks like its shouting and very angry. Think it would scare my wee pup rather than entertain her!

I had to share the picture of it!



Well Ive been working on a new theme for the blog and although still in beta, I thought Id roll it out live and give it a whirl. Still got loads to do to it but very happy with it so far. Clean and simple, just like me ;P

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Yup its the end of the Summer but wait that doesn’t mean the end of alfresco cooked meals does it?

I say no, I’m Scottish and willing to freeze my nipples in the pursuit of chargrilled bbq perfection.

To help me attain these perfect Autumn and Winter barbecues I recently purchased the stainless steel pedestal bbq from Lidls for £34.99.

It boasts an adjustable chrome plated steel grill which can be moved very easily to three different cooking heights! The heat resistant bakelite side handles make this supremely easy and safe ta boot.

Cleverly the designer(s) have utilised the pedestal …

So it was coming up to my sisters birthday and yet again I was struggling for ideas. I dont know why but I find my sister very difficult to buy for.

However she does like her wine so I thought perhaps a gift relating to this. A decanter perhaps? Mmmmm probably wouldnt get used and the ones I saw were a bit out of my price range! What a bout a nice glass and I can engrave it with something witty? Yes that was it, so I set about finding a nice crystal wine glass from a place that could …

If you are using the WordPress plugin version of Dagon Design secure php form mailer script, which has been working fine so far, but now it does not display the verification image! Well the chances are that you have changed your permalinks structure. (Its strange as I always use the same structure in my WP instals and never had this issue before, perhaps its when you change the permalink structure after you install DDFM?)

Check if you have the correct configuration in the plugin‚Äôs options, but most probably whatever you change in the options, the problem with the verification image …

I run a number of websites, a large number of which are WordPress sites. I like to monetise most of my sites so I can atleast cover hosting costs etc. So I started out the usual route with Google Ads; its very easy to setup and once the site starts getting more traffic you pick up a few clicks. Then I investigated the route of affiliate advertising; again very easy to setup either via affiliate networks or a lot of sites manage their own affiliates now. So these options are great and you’ll make a few quid off them for …

Are you a recent customer of Orange Broadband and experiencing no ftp upload connection or very slow upload speeds? I bet you are connecting to your router wirelessly too huh. Well fear not, I have the solution!

No FTP connection with Orange BroadbandAfter 3 days of speaking to the frankly useless Orange Tech Help, various speed tests and my own fiddlings I finally stumbled upon a solution.

So lets cut to the chase because if you were as frustrated as me then you are on the verge of telling Orange to stuff it and have a big tantrum.

The fix:

Log into your router (If …

A Few Bob is an alternative to sites like fiverr and Gigbucks and is for the UK only. If your not familiar with this new style of marketplace then I will explain how it works briefly:

A Few BobSellers post gigs ads¬†also know as¬†micro jobs. On A Few Bob these range from ¬£5 – ¬£100 (sites like fiverr have one price of $5 which limits the kinds of jobs offered). The jobs themselves can be anything from logo design to grass cutting. Silly gig ads can also be quite popular like sending postcards from where you stay or singing happy birthday over …

Have you heard of Fiverr or Gigbucks? They are micro job or “Gig” ad sites which provide a cool new marketplace for people to sell their services for a small price. Now these services can range from logo design to grass cutting to silly things like singing happy birthday!

Buyers of course can pick up some good deals as Fiverr is limited to ads at $5. This means sellers can only advertise at this rate so getting your grass cut for that price would be a pretty goo deal (especially if you have a large lawn). Other sites offer sellers …

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